Softmod your PSP with CFW 6.60 PSP 1000 / 2000 Slim and 3000 Series

You will need a PSP 1000 series , 2000 slim or 3000 series and a memory stick duo of at least 1gB before you start.

I’ve had no problems using Memory stick duos, Memory stick duo to MMC adapters and Memory stick duo to dual MMC adapters.

Your PSP should be fully charged or plugged in via mains before you get started.

1) If you already have official Sony 6.60 Firmware installed carry on to step 3, if not please go to step 2.

2) Download the official Sony 6.60 Firmware, extract the EBOOT.PBP and copy it over to your PSP’s memory card. It needs to be in the PSP/GAME/UPDATE directory. Once copied over, run the official update from the PSP’s game menu and follow the on screen prompts. Once installed you may now safely delete the PSP/GAME/UPDATE folder.

3) Download the CFW 6.60 zip file and extract it’s contents to your PSP into the GAME folder.
You should then have the following directories:

4) Install “Pro Update” from your PSP’s game menu, it literally takes about 5 seconds to install.

5) Every time you power off your PSP you will need to run Fast Recovery to re enable the CFW, unless, you run CIPL_FLASHER. This makes the CFW permanent and should warn you if your PSP isn’t compatible. Certain models can’t install the CFW permanently, in which case you will need to run Fast Recovery after each full power off.

6) If you ran CIPL_Flasher, you may now delete all three folders from the memory stick, if not, just delete the CIPL_FLASHER directory and the PROUPDATE directory.

That’s it, you can now run homebrew, game iso’s and cso’s all from your memory card!

NB: iso’s and cso’s should be copied over to the root of your memory card into a directory named ISO
eg. /ISO

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