Converting / optimising your videos for Piwigo & web playback

If you want to share your videos on the web or in your Piwigo album it is a good idea to convert them to a more manageable and web friendly format / size.

Most modern phones / cams tend to record in very high resolutions such as 1080, while this is perfect for large screen play back it is not really suited for playback over the internet due to the large file sizes and typically slow broadband speeds.

using Handbrake you can very quickly convert single or batches of videos to be significantly smaller and set for almost instantaneous playback.

The settings used below convert a 1920 x 1080 iPhone MOV video from 90MB in size down to a more than reasonable 720 x 400 MP4 file of 10MB. This is a huge difference and allows even the slowest of connections to enjoy the videos on your website.

If you are uploading to Piwigo or an FTP server remember to remove and spaces from the file name first!


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