Convert bin files, gdi files and cue files to CHD files for use with Launchbox / Retroarch (Saturn, Playstation, Dreamcast)

When using Launchbox to manage your ROM collection it is difficult to handle bin / gdi based games because of the amount of bin files per game.

The easiest way to overcome this is to use CHDMAN to convert all the multiple files associated with each game to a single CHD file.

These CHD files work perfectly with retroarch for the Sony PlayStation, Sega Dreamcast and Sega Saturn. An added bonus is that the new CHD files are also compressed so actually save space too!

Download the following zip file and extract it to the folder containing all of your bin, gdi or cue files.


Now just run “CUE or GDI to CHD.bat” and it will convert all of your games to CHD.

If you gave a lot of games this will take a while so go grab a coffee or beer!

Don’t forget to make sure you have enough room on your drive for the conversions to take place.

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