Compiling Mame to include hi score’s etc

– Download MinGW from here and extract to C:\MinGW
– install Mame Compiler
– Create a folder C:\MinGW\source\Mame01xxu3
– Download the hiscore hi_1xxu3.txt from here and copy it into the C:\MinGW\patches (you can rename it to hi_1xx.diff if you like but it doesn’t matter)
– Download the source from here and extract to C:\MinGW\source\Mame01xx
– Download the updates from here (01xxu1_diff, 01xxu2_diff and 01xxu3_diff) and extract them to C:\MinGW\patches
– Download MameUI source from here extract somewhere then copy the src folder to C:\MinGW\source\Mame01xx
– Apply the official Mame patches 01xxu1_diff, 01xxu2_diff then 01xxu3_diff. Apply them by browsing to each one selecting it from the file browser then selecting “Apply Patch”
– Now apply the Hiscore patch you downloaded from step 3 (Eg. hi_1xxu3.diff or hi_1xxu3.txt depending on how you saved it)
– Set your “Mame Source Folder” to C:\MinGW\source\Mame01xxu3 and check you have the WinUI build option selected under OSD
– Click GO! to compile.

NOTE: If you get an error compiling try pressing GO! again.

These instructions are from the creator of the front end Mame Compiler 64

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