Manually add / scrape TV Shows in XBMC

Sometimes a TV show, cartoon or TV special doesn’t scrape because it isn’t available from your usual scraper such as

In these instances you just need to create a file called tvshow.nfo using notepad and copy it to the root of your new TV show folder.

You can also take the opportunity to create banner.jpg, fanart.jpg, poster.jpg and folder.jpg (These will show up once we start XBMC and it updates the library)

The tvshow.nfo should contain the following information:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
    <title>Pac Man and the Ghostly Adventures</title>
    <showtitle>Pac Man and the Ghostly Adventures</showtitle>
    <plot>Pac Man and friends in their many adventures..</plot>

You can visit the xbmc wiki to find out all the other tags that can be used, but for now this will get things working.

Next, we need to create an additional nfo file for all the actual episodes that you have.

pac man s01e01 the new adventures.mkv
pac man s01e01 the new adventures.nfo
pac man s01e02 pac man episode 2 name!.mkv
pac man s01e02 pac man episode 2 name!.nfo

The nfo must be named identical to the corresponding episode as detailed above.
This is an example of the content

<title>the new adventures</title>

Don’t forget to create an episode nfo for each file / episode that you add.

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