Flashing your 360 DVD Drive

Everything you need is included in the following 3 downloads. Although it is a lot easier to do correctly and quickly if you own a VIA VT6421 Chipset PCI SATA card as well. These can be found on Ebay for around £5 – £10. Many other SATA chipsets do work, but it can be hit and miss and rather annoying!

USB Format – Use this to format your USB pen drive.

Use this to read what to do! Although once you boot your PC from the USB Drive it has very clear instructions, just make sure your 360 is opened and ready to go! (I use the Sata lead from the PCI VIA card on my PC to connect the XBOX DVD. I then leave the XBOX DVD plugged in to its own power. When you need to power the drive on and off, just switch your 360 on and off.)

usb pen drive

360 Modification USB Drive v1.6 by FrostyTheSnowman

– Complete Modding Solution for Samsung/BenQ/Lite-On
– USB-Based Successor to 360 Modification Disc Project
– iXtreme v1.6 (12x) Firmware
– 0800 Mode for Samsung/BenQ/Lite-On (thanks to iXtreme v1.6)
– USB Flash/Thumb Drive Bootable!
– Supports Samsung TS-H943
– Supports BenQ VAD6038
– Supports Lite-On DG-16D2S
– Supports Previously Modded Drives
– Supports Previously Spoofed Drives
– 100% DOS Based Dumping & Flashing
– Fully Automatic Dumping & Flashing
– Step-by-Step Instructions
– Backup of all drive-related files to USB flash/thumb drive!

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