Edit WHDload prefs when using an HDF / UAE file (Launchbox / FS-UAE)

One of the best ways of setting up Amiga games within Launchbox is to create HDF files from WHDload games and then have Launchbox scan them in by using a specially create UAE file.

In most circumstances everything works perfectly and any changes to the Amiga / Hardware requirements can be made within the UAE file, however, some WHDload games have specific menu options that you might need to select / choose. These may not be accessible as the WHDLoad menu may be disabled by default.

Depending on where you downloaded / how you made your original WHDload.hdf file you might need to change some of the default WHDload preferences.

To do this you just need to open your WHDload.hdf using ADF Opus and navigate to the “WHDLoad.prefs” file which is in the “S” folder.

Drag this file to a folder on your PC’s hard drive and then edit the file in notepad. Here you can make any changes to the WHDLoad prefs that you need to such as menu timeout etc.

Save this file and copy it back to the the WHDLoad.hdf (Delete the existing file in ADF Opus first)

Download ADF Opus ADFOpus1_2 (Utility to Browse Amiga HDF and ADF Files in Windows)

Download a sample WHDLoad.hdf WHDLoad

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