PS2 FreemcBoot

Need Memory card with FreeMcBoot
Internal HDD Adpater or USB Drive
FAT32 Formatted USB for transfer
Copy OPL.elf to HDD / USB under OPL folder
Install Freemcboot on USB, memory card or hard drive
Use FMHD installer on second page, copy mcboot to USB and run it
Use UlaunchELF to copy files from mass (usb) to hdd

Within Windows use
OPLManager & WinHIIP (Max 255 games)
To transfer games, isos, discs and download artwork
Resize artwork partition using OPL on ps2
Use USBAdvance on PS2 to format USB flash drive
To play games from USB Flash drive, copy PS2 DVD ISO to DVD directory, copy PS2 CD games to CD directory.

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