Cent Web Panel (CWP) updating lfd to ignore files / processes

There are times when lfd will email consistent warnings for files or processes that you know are not an issue on your system.

For example when you rebuild apache or PHP the files are rebuilt in the /tmp directory resulting in system emails

Time:   Fri Jun 29 14:37:01 2018 +0100
File:   /tmp/php-build/php-7.0.30/makerpm
Reason: Script, starts with #!
Owner:  admin:paneladmin (1000:1000)
Action: No action taken

Rather than disable the email warnings for lfd you can add certain files or processes to their relevant ignore file>

Files and directories to be ignored should be added to /etc/csf/csf.fignore
Processes should be added to /etc/csf/csf.pignore

To ignore files created while building or rebuilding php and apache add the following lines to bottom of csf.fignore


to ignore screen processes running as a certain user add the following to csf.pignore


Don’t forget to restart the lfd service for changes to take effect

 service lfd restart

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