Updated Wii Tools & Utilities – Jan 2014

It’s been a while since I did much on the Wii but after getting it out of the closet and dusting it off it seems that there have been some subtle improvements over the last few years to almost all of the homebrew software.

WiiBackupManager v0.4.5
Great Windows based utility to copy / transfer all of your Wii scrubbed and non scrubbed ISO’s to a USB hard drive / flash drive ready to use with USB Loader GX

USBLoaderGX v3
Fantastic program that allows your Wii to load and play all of your scrubbed and non scrubbed ISO’s located on your USB hard drive or flash drive. Also allows the display of game covers and artwork, as simple as one click to download all of the images if your Wii is connected to wifi! This is the Windows based installer that will copy all the necessary files straight to a connected SD card ready to put back into your Wii and load it through the homebrew channel.

USBLoaderGX WAD file
This WAD file will allow you to load USBLoaderGX straight from the main screen of the Wii, instead of having to go through the homebrew channel first. You will need to install it first using YAWMM and the homebrew channel first.

Yet Another Wad Manager Mod! You’ll need this to install USBLoaderGX as a channel on your Wii, load it through the homebrew channel

d2x v8 cIOS & d2x cIOS Installer v3.1
latest versions of d2x custom IOS and it’s installer, both have readme’s included and are installed through the homebrew channel

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