PSP 6.20 Permanent firmware (After 6.20 TN)

This post / method is now outdated – It is now easier and quicker than ever to update directly to 6.60 CFW. I’ll leave this post online for those that want to do it this way of just need the information

Click here for the new guide / updated method

After following the previous article and installing 6.20TN firmware, you can now update your PSP again.

The update to 6.20ME allows your game iso’s to be launched straight from the XMB without having to launch first launch homebrew enabler and prometheus.

Simply copy the UPDATE folder from the 6.20 ME-1.9 zip file to ms0:/PSP/GAME/

Then place the official psp-6-20 in the same folder but named 6.20.PBP

You should have on your PSP memory stick in the folder /PSP/GAME/UPDATE/
EBOOT.PBP and 6.20.PBP

Now, load the TN Homebrew enabler on your PSP if you need to and then launch the new installer from the XMB

After this is done, you can remove TN Enabler, Prometheus and the UPDATE folder form /PSP/GAME/

Reboot your PSP and any ISO’s will now be listed under the game / memory card section of the XMB

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